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Welcome to Ozona, Texas


The Ozona Chamber of Commerce would like to wish the following members a Happy Anniversary and thank them for their support of their community, our organization and it's programs and services. 

Our sincere appreciation goes to:


J. Cleo Thompson - 1996

T & C Wholesale - 1996

West Texas Rehabilitation Center - 1998

Jack & Janie Riggs Ranch, LTD - 1999

Crockett County Museum - 1999

Crockett County Public Library - 1999

Better Business Bureau of the Permian Basin - 2000

Ball & Strunk Partners, LTD - 2007

Re-Bath of San Angelo - 2008

Hunnicutt Ranch - 2009

Multi-Chem, A Halliburton Service - 2010

Ozona Remodeling & New Construction - 2010

Mi Taco - 2010

Aries Residence Suites - 2014

Name & Numbers - 2014




The Ozona Chamber of Commerce

would like to recognize

Rusty Gold on the Square as our

Business of the Month

 Rusty Gold on the Square Owners Ray and Kay Shaffer 

The Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Rusty Gold on the Square as our Business of  the Month.

“Ray and I came to Ozona in 1994 to start a trucking yard for GQ Salmon and Son from Odessa. We both worked there, and I left the company around 2004 to pursue other opportunities. Ray stayed there and the company was bought by Key Energy in 2001,” said Kay Shaffer.

“Through the years, we quickly got to know the people and the town of Ozona and fell in love with them and it. This is our home, and it will always be from now on. We have worked in functions such as 4H, and have been through many years of football with our three sons! We have tried to be a part of and to help improve everything that we were involved in,” said Kay.

“We had been thinking about opening some kind of business in Ozona for several years, but we just didn’t have the courage to step out and do it. Then in June of 2013, due to corporate downsizing at my place of employment, an opportunity arose and we opened Rusty Gold on the Square”, said Ray. 

“We got the name for our store while talking with Kay’s brother. He asked us what kind of things we were selling, and we told him it is a resale shop. He responded, ‘Oh, Rusty Gold’. We Googled it, and it turned out that name was taken, so we extended it to Rusty Gold on the Square to make it our own,” said Ray.

“We stock resale and vintage items, clothing and antiques. We are seeking donated items and bargains at sales so we can provide a good useable product and at a reasonable price. It is so fun to listen and talk to people while they shop, especially when they see something they haven’t seen in some time! We have had visitors from everywhere in the states, and a number of foreigners from Spain, Iraq, Ireland, England, Australia, Japan and Nova Scotia. It is fun to talk with them and tell them about what we do and who we are,” said Ray.

“Our store hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11am-6pm, and Saturday from 10am-3pm. “We are a family business,” said Kay. “When the kids or family come to visit, they want to work in the store. Our kids and grandkids try out the merchandise for quality assurance!”

“We want to thank everyone that has stopped by to donate items. We thank all of those that have helped us to fix things needed in the store, and especially those that have stopped to help us unload and move in new merchandise. Their help is appreciated more than they know,” said Ray.  

“We want to thank everyone who has come in and shopped with us so far. We will continue to be a store that represents Ozona well to all our travelers and to you. We will continue to look for those items that when you see them, will transport you back to your youth, and maybe just for a brief moment you can recall some fondness of life gone by,”  said Ray. 

The Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Rusty Gold on the Square for providing a business of quality that is an asset to the local business community.  

The Rusty Gold on the Square is located at 1010 Avenue E. For more information you can reach Ray at 325/206-4020, or on Facebook.