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Motorcycle Itineraries

Welcome Riders to Crockett County and West Texas!

Located between San Antonio and El Paso, most people have no idea of the beauty beyond the medians of the interstate that runs through Ozona and Crockett County. This rugged land is filled with vast views, rolling hills and wonderful sunrises and sunsets. To the watchful and educated eye, unique and robust plant and wildlife are around every corner. Each season paints a different countryside. The spring promises hillsides covered in wildflowers, and there is nothing more magnificent than driving under rim rock covered with purple sage after a fall shower.

This country shaped itself, down to the bare-boned ages, out of enduring Edwards’s limestone. Once it had all been an inland sea, but like everything else in West Texas, this ran dry, leaving hardening rock. Slow-sculpturing winds and rains of a million years have carved deep valleys and draws, and left rim rocks and flat mesas standing at the same level. A land with a rich history to be learned, or a landscape to just simply be enjoyed!

Whether you are an experienced rider who is looking for solitude and a quiet wind in the face, one-on-one with the land encounter; or whether you are someone who enjoys including local and regional activities during your ride, we have an itinerary for you. Ozona is a great weekend get-away and hub to visit local and regional attractions. For the family, these itineraries are perfect for a Sunday drive.  

Best riding times: March through May and October through December. 

Please read each of the following itineraries IN FULL PRIOR to your trip so that you will be properly prepared. All roads have been test driven and are motorcycle friendly. Each itinerary will outline disclaimers, fuel sites, speed limits, attractions and provide directions with a map. 

Old Juno

Taylor Box



Law West
of the Pecos



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